Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Say It Again

Keh hamuk. (Say it again.)

That important command is missing today for most people wanting to learn a language, like Serrano. The speakers are just a few individuals who can oblige that request. Our hats are off to those hard working pioneers, linguists and ethnographers who were able to obtain words, sounds and phonemes of our languages from an earlier era. Recordings of these languages are treasured whenever they are found.

Today, we must make our own recordings for educational purposes in general. It seems to me there will be a time when interest in hearing our language will be high. There is written material, but the need for sound recordings of this material is needed.

My plan is to do some recording to accompany the written word. - ES


Caveman said...

> Keh hamuk. (Say it again.)

Haminat ne'puuyuu,

How would I say, "Say it again, please?" or "Would you please say it again?"

(I like to sound polite.)


Dorothy Ramon Learning Center said...

Qwac keh hamuk.