Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Puuhit without Wahii'

This morning Puuhit (Roadrunner, also known as Geococcyx californianus) was perched atop my chainlink fence here in the Canyon. He was gazing back and forth in a very businesslike manner. He definitely was on the lookout! 
But I saw absolutely no signs of Wahii' (Wil E. Coyote). 
The real-life, non-cartoon Puuhit was hunting. 
Roadrunners have a great appetite for all kinds of rodents, insects, reptiles, you name it. And they are a joy to see — most of the time.
As Dorothy Ramon told the tale, "'Ama' mit hamin nyaawnk 'ama' 'emeva' kwa' hii'nk, 'emehpa' mesheheve' penek. 'Ami' hakup me'aaye' puuyu' kurruhk, keym waha'ki' puuhit."
("If one of them flies over you, if one passes over your head, your hair falls out; that's what they say about the roadrunner.") (Ramon and Elliott, 2002)

Hmmn. In this copyrighted photo courtesy of  Dr. Paul Kosnik, it looks as though one Puhyet never flies over another Puhyet. — PM

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