Thursday, June 12, 2008

Herngt (Rattlesnake)

I was telling June, my wife, to start being on the alert when we go out to feed our longhorns and horses, since there are reports of rattlesnake encounters in the news almost daily. And people getting bitten, of all things! There is no good reason for anyone to get bitten by a snake except by sheer carelessness. Some people bother them and suffer the consequences. Our folks used to say, "Menarfpa' hye'." ("Watch your feet.") That is be careful where you step.

Yesterday, the propane guy came to deliver us some fuel. I saw him do a quick tell-tale jump. Not bad for a big guy! Sure enough there was herngt (rattlesnake) rattling away. I told the gas guy that he wouldn't be bothered by the snake if he just kept his distance. It worked out fine. The gas guy left and so did herngt. - ES

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Pat Murkland said...

You're right, there was a snake right outside my door today. It wasn't Herngt, but it reminded me that it is indeed Snake Season. Singing, Ushkana, ushkana, Ohhh, Ohhh.