Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not Being Silent about the Silent Auction

An enormous, fabulous art gourd waiting for you on Aug. 9.

Every year, the Silent Auction at our Dragonfly Gala grows bigger and bigger.

Mind you, in 2006, Malcolm Margolin already had called the auction "epic" in News from Native California magazine. He pointed out that the auction offered top Native American art and many beautifully themed items.
Last year, the auction got sooo big we nearly ran out of space to put everything.
This year, we're talking even bigger and better.

Check out this fabulous gourd art by Idyllwild artist Roberta Corbin:

She calls them "Glorious Gourds." This one is so big it may need its own display table at the Gala!
The lid opens for you to include your treasures inside.

If you come to the Gala and bid at the auction, this can be yours. You'll help an important cause!

The proceeds go directly to our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, Dorothy Ramon Learning Center.
And the money we raise goes directly to work, saving and sharing Southern California's endangered American Indian cultures, languages, history, and traditional arts.

The Gala is Aug. 9 at Morongo Community Center. The theme this year is "Feeding the People." Watch for more details. — PM

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