Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Your Serrano Sports Reporter

Mit Pernat…Hamukpii..
Maybe it’s Nothing… Then again..

Chenyuu Troynu’yam hakupim nyipkin ama’ chekayshu’ ater’ac’, Chenem. (Chenyuu Neerht.)
Our Trojans really beat our big rival, Notre Dame. (Our Lady.)

Weerr taaqtam kwenevu’ petaqaym ah’av: “Ivi’ terxpich mit qay hiit cherrupuk.” “ Mit pernat, “ keym huwam. Pana’m werraverran’. Nypkinich qay’ anowpa’.
Many people were saying to each other: “This game isn’t important.” “It seems inconsequential,” others said. That’s the way they were talking. Winning was a given.

Hamukpii. Atahtermerav, pavaypa’ howpk kayshu’ ataq perckin, ama’ huwac kayshu’, kwan nypkin inach. Nowk nowva’ hihiin. Qay hawayt pana’ mih, werrenk hohowpki.
Then again, over the years, when one rival puffs himself up, the other wins decidedly. I have seen this with my own eyes. It doesn’t always go that way, but once in a while it does.

Amatunga’ mehuun turrux keym taaqtam nahtavuniniam’. Inachich peyika’m chamaqan.
Therefore, focus, the coaches in charge say. Respect them (your rivals).

Yengk, aam torxpi’iam huna’ puh’pa’m erva’ kwa’m hawayt nypk huwamii. Pana’ mih tengk.
Of course, those players who are stronger should always win. That’s how it goes.

Nahtavuniac Carroll puyuu enan. Chamaqan hawayt puyuu tum hiitii. Kwan kece yawamin: Kwac hingyaen’ pam erva’yam terxpi’iam teh’tu’, qwaxkim waha’ tum hinyim haym, amatunga’ kwa’ huna’ a’ay nyiiv.
Coach Carrol is wise. He is always thinking. He believed that if you let the stronger (best) players play, the younger players, whoever they may be, then the result will be better.

Enanaych shevek, qay mermerher’ tum hiitii nyi’hay. Qayngmuksh, petaqim nangani’ame natu’, puyu’ayeepatii. Pe’wi’m nyahay anin puyaka’ wayax pam terxpi’yam ervra’yam. Pwiichu’ yam tewanim. Pana’ mih hawayt. Mit pernac, hamupii…
We know however, it isn’t done haphazardly. Painstakenly, they compete, and their skills and abilities are compared with others. This is done carefully and finally the best players emerge. The starters are named. That’s how it goes all the time. Maybe it’s nothing, but again…

Ichaamcvu’ hihii waha’ pam yuu’niniam. Hakupve’m puchuk a’ay. Teyt Troynu’ muchanich terwan’t hawayt yanaam. Hamukpi’, iim huwam, Irish Namiam Yuu’niniam, aux kimaym puyaka’. Qaymu’ haypan’ iip pichii. Hakupve’ a’ay hyuuntwich. Pe’wi’ yuu’ninimvu’ waha’. Taaqtam paxanimvu’ amaym inach penemin. Peemav hakupim parkar’ parkar’. Pat a’ay.
We also saw the bands. They were excellent. The Spirit of Troy is always awesome. But, then again these others, the Fighting Irish Band finally showed up. They’ve never been here before! It was great to see them! They played fine also. The host fans were overtly appreciative. They applauded enthusiastically. That is good!

Hamingnyawnk iim yuu’niniamvu’ hakup a’ay? Enanayt? Penahtavuniniac kwan Troynu! Hwityaku! Naam Huuna’ Mit pernat. hamukpii…
Why are these musicians so good? Do you know? Their Director is a Trojan! Hurray! Fight On! Maybe it’s nothing. Then again….

Ernest Siva