Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art Hop Springing Into View

Time to start thinking about the Art Hop, Banning's annual downtown cross-cultural arts event. This year it's May 1. But we're celebrating cultural arts the whole weekend!
A few of our planned activities:

American Indian Music Workshops

Flute-Making Workshop, April 30, May 1 & 2

Make a beautiful wooden six-holed Plains-style Native American flute in a 3-day workshop with master flute-maker Marvin Yazzie, Navajo, and his wife, Jonette. Learn the basics of playing with Ernest Siva. Discover the music of the First People of Southern California. Limited to 10. $300.

Pre-register siva@dishmail.net, 951.849.4676.

Art Hop Workshops, May 1


Chumash culture bearers Georgiana Sanchez and her family will teach how to make this ancient wooden musical instrument, then share and teach songs and stories important to the Chumash people. Decorate a clapperstick to take home. Sessions limited to 15 people. $20. Pre-register siva@dishmail.net, 951.849.4676

• Rattles for kids

Kids can learn how to make a tin-can rattle and about appropriate use. FREE as long as supplies last!

Discover The Center at Hays & San Gorgonio, Banning

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Save & Share Southern California’s cultures, history, languages, & traditional arts.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rock Art Rolling In

Our next Dragonfly Lecture is March 22.

Steve Freers, who drew a standing-room-only crowd last year with his lecture on prehistoric rock art, is returning for another fascinating journey into this world of ancient mystery and beauty.

At his last Dragonfly Lecture in 2009, Mr. Freers discussed the similar designs in rock art that repeat for miles around Mt. San Jacinto.

In the informal setting that encourages illuminating interchange at our Dragonfly Lectures, American Indian basketweavers discussed how prehistoric rock-art designs also appear in old baskets.

Freers also told about his research on the gender and age of the prehistoric people who left their handprints near rock artwork.

For a bit more about the sacred mountain, Ayaqaych (Mt. San Jacinto), read here.
Who is Steve Freers? Read here.
One person's review of a Steve Freers lecture here.

DETAILS on the next Dragonfly Lecture:
ROCK ART with Steve Freers
When: 6 p.m. March 22
Where: Dorothy Ramon Learning Center, 17 W. Hays, Banning, CA
Donations at the door help the nonprofit Learning Center save and share Southern California's Native American cultures, languages, history, and music and other traditional arts.

Explaining a Native American rock art site: