Friday, May 30, 2008

Serrano Language

"Wechqarhqi'! Qay't enan hiitiit meqweyktii?" This something one might say to a child or someone who may not be paying attention to what he or she is eating: "That's awful! Don't you know what you're eating?" Let's hope it wasn't too bad. A student emailed me with a slightly different rendering of the language, wondering if she had said it right: " Aaargh! Wechqarhki! Qaym enan hittit rraaqwaym?" Which means: "Aaargh! (English) They, or you pl., don't know what food is..?" Maybe, it should be: "Qaym enan peerrawqwii". "They don't know their food." So goes the discussion of our language. Fun and interesting to some and... perhaps not too intriguing to others.

Above, the difference is: Qwa'(transitive) and rrawq (intransitive). Aapim qwa'ii hiitii. They are eating something there. And, aapim rrawq. They are eating there. - ES
Ps. Any questions? Or, corrections?


JT said...


This is very useful; I finally get the difference between rrawq and qwa - thanks! This blog is great, I love it - Excellent job Pat, Ernest, June. I hope to be able to use this a lot this summer from Idaho. JT

Mayra said...

Can someone tell me what po*ath hu'vre means