Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot Water

Hamintamc; My wife and I visit Herqaniv (the Spa in Palm Springs) at least three times a week. The Cahuilla call it Pal Sexii. It was extremely important to the people of the southland long ago, as long as I can remember. Especially, if a person needed some help in healing this was a regular thing to do. The keeper of this special place, spiritually, was Pedro Chino. He was a great leader of Cahuilla. His village was where Chino Canyon is today. People know it as the Palm Springs Tram area. He was a popuvul, the greatest of shamans, and earned a praise and notoriety for helping the people.

The water was west of where it is today. My father, Tom Siva, told me that it moved when the people were forced to move by the government on behalf of the settlers. But, the water followed the people, the rightful owners. Not a bad story! — ES

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