Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nearly time for tea

Courtesy of Thomas G. Barnes @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS database.

Hi Folks; Nepuyum, tum hinyim haym (My friends whoever you are); Hakup inach ayay pat kuuht ashre'. I just harvested some elderberry blossoms. Every other day the plant yields blossoms that are ready. I will make tea from them sometime this year, whenever the need arises. I just put them in a paper bag, set it aside for later use.

I remember, several years ago, we had just moved into a new location and I was pleasantly surprised to find an elderberry bush right next to the house. I told my mother about it when I checked in on her to see if she needed anything. She called back in a short time to remind me to "pick every other blossom." I thought that was pretty good: an elder doing her job of instruction.

One of our language students recently told us of a nice recipe for elderberry that she uses. Maybe, she'll bring us some for our snack break. - ES

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