Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dragonfly Gala Wear

What to wear to the Aug. 8 Dragonfly Gala?
We were asked this question just the other day. 

Stuffy formal banquet? Not us.
(The Gala this year returns with the 2008 cook, Karen Castillo.
Quite simply, the gala will again offer some of the best foods you've ever tasted. 
And Ernest Siva again will bring peach, blueberry, and other cobblers for dessert. 
Last year the cobbler commanded its own food station, where a large crowd, intensely silent, focused on decision-making: what kind of cobbler to select.)
So stuffy formal banquet clothing is OUT. 

Community get-together? Yes. Inter-tribal? Yes.
The Gala celebrates Native American cultures, languages, history, and music and other traditional arts. 
The event can only be summed up as The Annual Dragonfly Gala.

Say YES to Dragonfly-themed jewelry and clothing.
Wear clothes in which you can DANCE to traditional music.

© Carlos Puma for the Learning Center
Ernest Siva in 2008,
wearing his Dragonfly bolo and bighorn songs t-shirt
(At the Gala, he and his apprentice sang the Serrano bighorn sheep songs in public for the first time together).

This year's theme is Indian cowboys. 
If you'd like, go Western ... or should we say, gala Western!

Aug. 8, 4 to 8 p.m., Morongo Community Center.
History exhibits; artwork; demonstrations; history game.
$45, or tables for $1,000;$2,000;$3,000.
RSVP 951 849 4676 or info at

All proceeds benefit the nonprofit work of Dorothy Ramon Learning Center.
We thank our gala major sponsor, San Manuel Band of Serrano Indians.

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