Friday, July 3, 2009

Leadership in Sharing Culture

Teaching kids about Southern California music © Pat Murkland Photo
James Ramos, tribal chairman of San Manuel Reservation, is profiled in the Press-Enterprise newspaper today
One of the original board members of Dorothy Ramon Learning Center when our nonprofit formed ... (has it already been six years ago? wow), he remains on our board and is one of our strongest supporters. 
Among his many accomplishments: 
He was instrumental in starting California Native American Day every fourth Friday in September. 
It's not a holiday but instead a day when people are encouraged to learn about our state's many Indian nations and their cultures.

 An annual weeklong Cultural Awareness conference at Cal State San Bernardino to date has taught more than 12,000 schoolchildren about these cultures and traditions so integral to our national heritage. 
Dorothy Ramon Learning Center is an active partner and participant.

California Native American Day started because James Ramos saw many misperceptions about Indians, including in schools, and he wanted people to know:
• California History did not begin with the arrival of explorers and settlers.
• California Indians didn't live in teepees.
• Southern Californians didn't use drums.
He currently is chairman of the California Native American Heritage Commission and president of the San Bernardino Community College board.

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