Friday, June 5, 2009

Writing about the Mission Indian Federation

Lisa Woodward, a phenomenal scholar who is currently working on a cultural resources project for Pechanga Indian Reservation, is now writing a history column for a Temecula weekly.
Her first column is on the Mission Indian Federation.

The Federation fought for basic civil rights.
Although the organization was pivotal for American Indians and helped lay the groundwork for tribal sovereignty, it somehow remains obscure. 
To try and build awareness, Ushkana Press published a booklet in 2005 called 

Standing Firm: The Mission Indian Federation Fight for Basic Human Rights, 

By Deborah Dozier, with contributions from Pauline Murillo, Ernest Siva, Richard Hanks, and Pat Murkland. 

Someday we hope to do more.

Here is Dr. Woodward's column.

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