Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Her Own Brand of Quilting

© 2008 Carlos Puma Photo for Dorothy Ramon Learning Center

At the tiny, not-yet-renovated space in downtown Banning where Dorothy Ramon Learning Center holds its events, all visitors immediately see a beautiful art quilt.
This quilt exudes creative energy. 
It was a gift from the artist, JoJo Martin of Morongo Reservation.
She gave the Learning Center this stunning quilt at the 2008 Dragonfly Gala.
We are thankful each and every time we look at this quilt with its uplifting artwork.
The focal center of the design is an image of Dorothy Ramon, the namesake of the Learning Center. She is surrounded by vibrant dragonflies. Their wings glisten in the light. The fabric colors and quilting create a feeling of movement. 
On each side are phrases in Serrano, including Wayta' Yawa', which means, Always Believe.
(This is the title of the book written by Dorothy Ramon with linguist Eric Elliott, in which she saved and shared the Serrano language and culture.)
At our 2009 Dragonfly Gala on Aug. 8, we again will display this quilt, sharing its beauty and joy.
Come see it.

We'll also display JoJo Martin's brand.
Brand of clothing?
Brand of quilts?
This year's Gala celebrates Indian cowboys.

© Pat Murkland Photo

We'll share Ms. Martin's cattle brand (above), along with displays of other American Indian cowboy brands.
As Dorothy Ramon said at the end of her stories, and as the quilt says, 'Ama' 'Ayee'.
That's all.

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