Sunday, January 24, 2016

Concert: Traditional and New Music from Southern California Indian Nations

Georgiana Sanchez has a gift for you. She drove a very long way to share her beautiful stories and poems at the January 23 Native Voices Poetry Festival. Today, Sunday, January 24, she is turning around and commuting many miles again. She and her family will sing and tell traditional and new Chumash songs and stories at a benefit concert. Dorothy Ramon Learning Center is so grateful that this Elder is honoring our nonprofit this way. Please come and support, 3 p.m. at 127 N. San Gorgonio Avenue, Banning, and accept her gift of beautiful songs and stories from the Chumash culture. Sean Milanovich will share beautiful songs he wrote in Cahuilla. Ernest Siva, Bill Bell & Don Strandberg also will share traditional songs. Your $10 will help Dorothy Ramon Learning Center save and share Southern California's cultures, languages, history, and arts. 

Photo by Carlos Puma for Dorothy Ramon Learning Center

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