Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry, Merry

Pat Murkland Photo

Our leader, Ernest H. Siva, has been visiting the new Morongo Reservation School and sharing culture, language, history, and traditional arts with the schoolchildren.

He received this beautiful thank-you giant card and framed artwork from the second-grade class of Mrs. Alaniz and Ms. Marsha.

It was his turn to say: Hakupa' ay! (Thank you!)

The card has references to the visits:

Maharch (The number five, from counting fun)

Serrano language
Indian day
Very kind
Aya Qaych (the Serrano name for Mt. San Jacinto)

And the artwork features illustrations of the visits, too:

Here he is, singing and playing his gourd rattle.

And here he is, playing the flute, with a little traditional music on the right, too.

What joy! These are our future cultural stewards.

Someday, someone may be doing artwork of them singing, saving and sharing these cultural stories and songs.

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