Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flutes at the Festival

© Pat Murkland
A beautiful day in Banning, views of the snow-covered mountaintops, and a downtown holiday festival with lots of free fun for families.
What could be more perfect?
Answer: Antonio Flores teaching people of all ages how to make and play flutes.

Antonio Flores left Oakland at midnight to come and volunteer all day at Dorothy Ramon Learning Center. Making and sharing flutes is his joy.

We thank Antonio Flores for creating joy for so many when he helps people discover Native American cultures and music.

He teaches how to make the small Pomo-style flutes of elder.
He also teaches how to play them.
© Pat Murkland

While the future flutists are making their flutes, he often talks about local flutes and Southern California music. Often, an enthused crowd surrounds him.

When each person has made his or her flute, Antonio Flores often "tests" it, that is, he plays it, "to make sure it works."

What was only recently a stick from an elderberry bush bursts forth with beautiful music. Each flute has its own voice — two voices, really, since one can play it at both ends.

Antonio Flores came to the Phineas Festival with a bunch of long sticks and cut branches.
Nearly 100 people left the festival with their own handmade flutes.

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