Thursday, October 15, 2009

Native Uses of Plants, continued

If ever there were a photo to illustrate contemporary Native American uses of native plants, this is it.

Thank Rosie Ramirez and Deborah Small, our next Dragonfly Lecturers.
Yes, they will be giving a multi-media presentation:
Edible, Medicinal, Material, Ceremonial
Contemporary Ethnobotany of Southern California Indians

Who is this beautiful elder?
What plant has she gathered?
What is she going to use it for?
How is she going to prepare the plant?

Find out at our Dragonfly Lecture on Oct. 19 ... and discover much more.
Deborah Small and Rosie Ramirez also will have copies of their 2010 calendar available. Check out sample pages and see other information about native plants here.

DETAILS: 6 p.m., Oct. 19, 17 W. Hays, Banning
Donations at the door will help the Learning Center save and share Southern California Indian cultures, languages, history and traditional arts.

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