Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Links to the Past

Tanya Sorrell shared photos, oral histories, and her other research about St. Boniface Indian Industrial School with a standing-room-only crowd at Monday's Dragonfly Lecture.
We thank Tanya for an interesting lecture! Many from the crowd lingered to ask questions and share more afterward.
In response to a question from her intent audience, Tanya pointed us to Marquette University's online Special Collections archives for photos and other information about St. Boniface and the Bureau of Indian Catholic Missions.
For example, an early article in the Indian Sentinel about St. Boniface (told of course from the Roman Catholic Church perspective) can be found here.
When children from area Indian nations were doing the laundry or other chores many years ago as part of their everyday school experience at St. Boniface, did they even imagine that someday photos of them doing these chores would be in a library collection in a university in Wisconsin?

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