Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flutes on the Hill

Idyllwild Arts offers a full schedule of Native American Arts classes again this year during the weeklong Native American Arts Festival.
We'll be there! Ernest H. Siva, Dorothy Ramon Learning Center's founder and president, will be again teaching Native American Flute Making with Marvin and Jonette Yazzie

This class inspired Ushkana Press, our nonprofit publishing arm, to publish our first work in 2004, the book and CD set, Voices of the Flute.

The 3-day flute-making class is a lot of fun. This year it's July 10-13. Students often return to take the class again and again. Each student makes and decorates a beautiful six-holed flute with the talented Yazzies. Ernest Siva teaches the basics of flute playing and students get a copy of Voices of the Flute. For those of you who missed the flute-making workshop that Dorothy Ramon Learning Center offered at the Art Hop, now's your chance! — PM

Scenes from one of our flute-making workshops:

(Pat Murkland Photos, copyright Ushkana Press)

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